Watermelon Butter Slime


Our scented watermelon butter slime is absolutely amazing if you love sweet scented stretchy slime!

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It will include an adorable Watermelon charm that you can add to your slime, or use for many other purposes. Made with the popular Daiso Clay!

Enjoy hours of Slime stretching, pulling and squishing with our Watermelon butter slime, a popular idea for sensory toys, asmr, stress relief!

EXTRAS will be included with ANY slime purchase.

All orders ship with Slime Borax activator already mixed up and ready to use and instructions.

****Most slimes tend to get a little sticky during shipping, so please follow the enclosed instructions, and you’ll have perfect slime in no time! Be sure to seal it back in it’s container after playing with your slime to keep your slime in good condition.

Slime is NOT Edible! Keep away from small children. Not recommenced for children under age 3, always use adult supervision with children playing with slime. 🙂

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